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Advantages of building models

Building models help a lot when designing a new construction, since it is easier to make detailed analysis when viewing a large scale model and make more accurate decisions. In Maquetas Tech we review the plans and documents before building the model to make a correct scaling, and thanks to this, the final result will have the perfect size to be able to represent the details with the highest quality.

This types of models are built with the aim of using them as prototypes of buildings for sale for construction companies, developers and real estate companies. Real estate development companies are the ones that use this type of models the most, since they attract a lot of attention to the general public. In addition, they visualize in a more realistic way how the building is going to be.

As it happens with real works, for each construction a series of different techniques and materials are needed. In Maquetas Tech we have model builders that make models of buildings with great detail and 100% customizable, according to the type of project you need.

Materials and techniques to make building models

For building models we use high precision laser cutting machines, to obtain clean cut pieces and more complicated curved pieces. With the laser technique we can also make engravings without cutting, a very interesting technique to make different textures and reliefs. On the other hand, thanks to 3D printing we can create the initial structure of the model, even nowadays it is very common to find models made 100% with 3D printers.

Building models can be made with all kinds of materials, such as plastic, methacrylate and different types of wood.

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Phases in the manufacturing of building models

1. Concept and prototype of the model.

It is essential to have a draft where to capture the first ideas that arise and for that the best thing is to create a prototype before building a model of a building. This draft is usually made by an architect who has previously designed the plans of the building, so we could say that the first step would be the development of a very basic model where to represent the idea and shape of the project. That is to say, to build the skeleton of the house without taking into account the scale. It is like a first contact to discard or accept the elements that will make up the work, and make a priori the necessary changes.

Once this is done, the prototype model is prepared, where we become aware of the proportions and scale of the building. In this prototype the details of the decoration or textures are not added, but it is a simple model where only the basic aspects of the building are represented, such as the walls, windows, ceilings, doors…

2. Creation of the areas around the building.

In order for a building model to fulfill its purpose, it must resemble reality and impress by the quantity and quality of the details. That is why not only the building should be taken into account, but also the entire surrounding environment.

When it comes to masterplan models, in addition to depicting the exterior areas such as the garden or the road, the surrounding area is usually reproduced to the same scale. Therefore, the elevations and reliefs of the real ground and the surroundings are taken into account to create a topographical model on which to place the model of the building.

3. Building models with hyper-realistic finishes.

What makes a big difference in the final result of a building model is the level of detail. In addition to the importance of the interior design of the houses, it is extremely important to represent how the common areas will be, the swimming pool if it has one, the gardens, parks… Everything that will compose the urbanization where the building is located. That is to say, now is the time to take into account the colors, textures and other decorative elements that the real building will contain.

With these details the final public is impressed, that is to say, the client who goes to the construction company or real estate developer to look for a new home. In addition, to make it look as real as possible and not just a toy, mechanisms such as moving floors, lighting or mechanical movements are usually incorporated into the building models. What technology does is to facilitate the work of promoting these models, and very spectacular results can be achieved.

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