Hyper-realistic models

_______________ We create models with exterior and interior decoration

Professional model makers

_______________ Our experience is our greatest guarantee of success

High-quality models

_______________ We work with the utmost precision and cutting-edge technology

Maximum detail

Models equipped with interior and exterior lighting, remote control and the latest technology.

Quality and robustness

Models that are robust to changes in location and temperature. They can be transported without suffering any damage thanks to their superior quality.

Competitive prices and rapid delivery

We deliver our models within 4 to 5 weeks, offering rapid manufacturing and the best value for money

Technology and interactivity

We use touch technology, QR codes for downloading files, virtual scenes with augmented reality, etc. .

What our customers think

They met their delivery date, and following transportation from Casablanca to Paris and other destinations, all the models remained intact. We would repeat the experience without a doubt. Thank you for your professionalism. Soraya Fahim

Residential Manager CBRE

We were extremely satisfied with the model that was produced: great detail and magnificent finishes. It was delivered on schedule and the service was excellent. Gérard Aubert

Former Chairman CBRE

Maximum detail in the vegetation

Vegetation is one of the most important elements for determining the atmosphere of the building’s settings and surroundings. Our model makers create all kinds of trees and plants to increase the model’s level of realism. We are specialists in the representation of gardens and other green areas. For models of golf courses and masterplan models, it is crucial for the vegetation to have the maximum level of detail possible. A hyper-realistic finish in grassy areas with uneven terrain can only be achieved by a top-quality team. Put your trust in professionals with experience, and you will get the best results.

100% customisable models

Quality in the details is the mark of success in architectural models. Our models are fully customised according to the project that is being represented. We recreate indoor and outdoor furniture, ambiance, and lighting – all to scale and in a wealth of detail.

The lighting system we offer is among the best in the industry. We include remote control for controlling the model’s lights, and we provide the option of adding lighting effects. In this way, the models can be viewed in conditions of both simulated sunlight as well as with artificial night-time lighting.

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