Technology for Showrooms





All in One models for real estate marketing

Interactive models


The most dynamic and innovative way to present new projects

Awesome presentations

We work with the latest technology and the best model makers to be successful in the presentation of any project.

Technological complements

We add to our models the most advanced technology: Augmented Reality, VFX, Virtual Reality, 3D movies …


We combine the latest in virtual technology with the traditional architectural model to create an innovative model.

Discover the ultimate #Proptech sales tool

Maximum detail

Models equipped with interior and exterior lighting, remote control and landscaping

Low prices and fast delivery

We manufacture and ship our models in just 4 – 5 weeks saving on costs

Quality and robustness

Models that resist changes of location thanks to the best manufacturing techniques

Technology & Interactivity

We include all types of technology in models: touch control, Augmented Reality…

All kind of models

We make any kind of architectural models to suit every need



100% customizable models

The success of a model is measured by the quality of its details. We recreated in scale and with great detail the indoor and outdoor furniture, setting and lighting; as well as the display stand.

We include a remote control to control all the lights of the model. We also offer the possibility of adding light effects simulating sunlight or night light.

Maximum detail vegetation

Our model makers make all kinds of trees and plants to increase the realism level of the model. We are reproducing specialists of gardens and field areas.

Maximum level of detail in models of golf courses and models for masterplan. A hyperrealistic finish in grass and uneven areas can only be achieved with a quality equipment.

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