Craftsmanship and technology applied in the same project.

We work on the initial concept providing ideas and angles of approach. We recreate it in a 3D image and build it in our artisan workshop.
The model for your project requires emotion, proximity and the ability to amaze with a dazzling factor.

We create 3D architectural images to give them three-dimensional shape and derive it into the hands of craftsmen in our workshop.

We take care of every stage of the architectural process from the 3D conception to the final product.

Brnads we work with


We use the latest technologies for the scale production of exterior and interior designs.

A craftsman makes trees, shrubs or planters irregularly, as they are in nature.

At a time when access to technology has been democratised, our work in the workshop remains manual.

AntesBoceto inicial

Learn step by step about the creative and production process.

Large scale 3D model (2×4 metres) divided into 4 parts, exhibited by AMAZON at fairs and congresses.

1 Creative process

We work on the creative concept. We give shape and volume to the idea/concept. 
Modelo entrgado por Amazon

2We draw your idea in 3D

We sketch and adjust the 3D design to the needs of the project.
imagen 3D proyecto Amazon

3We fix the idea

We agree on the final image before passing the project on to the workshop.
imagen 3D proyecto Amazon

4 We go to the workshop

We generate the environment according to the topography of the terrain.
Modelo entrgado por Amazon

5Lighting and vegetation

We incorporate the electrical system and handmade vegetation piece by piece.
En el taller con la maqueta Amazon

6Easy transport

Dismountable table, easy to transport and assemble, assembled like a puzzle.

En el taller con la maqueta Amazon


Esposición Maqueta Amazon
Esposición Maqueta Amazon

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