Interactive models

Models are one of the most representative objects in the real estate sector.

Thanks to them, it is possible to represent a complete new real estate development in just one square metre. It is clear that the model is an excellent presentation tool. And they also help to attract the attention of both investors and property buyers.


The big real estate developers do not hesitate: to start marketing a housing development it is essential to have a real estate model.

The architectural model becomes a very useful sales tool in the sale of new buildings. The client is not yet able to see the built property, however, thanks to the model he gets a clear image of it.

In the process of selling a property, we always find plans and elevations that explain the different rooms of the property.

However, these documents are not always easy to understand. The final public wants to see something more tangible, they want to have as clear an image as possible that resembles the final result of the property.

In this respect, models are the most effective solution, as they represent the final finish of the building in three dimensions.

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How does the model influence the purchase decision?

The factors that will convince the client to purchase a property are quite numerous. However, this process is accelerated when the user has complete information. The model helps all the information that the salesperson explains to the client to be processed quickly with a totally realistic image.


Thanks to an architectural model, it is possible to understand at a glance what a building looks like on the outside, on the inside and even what the surrounding environment is like. It all depends on the amount and quality of detail in the model.

The more realistic a model is, the easier it is to lead the customer to the decision to buy.

At real estate fairs and events there is never a lack of models. At we are specialists in the production of Premium quality models. This means that we know how to capture perfectly what the client wants to see.

We know the key points to highlight in a property development to attract the attention of the target audience. We also know the best techniques to display the models in the most attractive way in this kind of events.

With all this, we can affirm that models are an excellent sales tool. An architectural model is the perfect element on which the salesperson can base his speech when selling a property.

Likewise, the client will be the first to appreciate the possibility of having a realistic image of what their future home will be like.

Architectural mock-ups are back with more strength than ever. They have become a much more essential tool after the economic depression, especially as a way of attracting the attention of the homebuyer. Banks have changed their way of financing, so it is necessary to have at least 40% of the construction sold before starting the works. Thus, real estate developers and construction companies have to use the model more than ever to show the final result of the building and each house to convince the end customer.

Models are not back as they were a few years ago. Like the industry, architecture and housing, they have modernized and do not look the same. The materials have changed, adding motors that give movement or lights that mimic the real orientation with respect to sunlight. Interactivity is also included in the most modern models, where the user obtains key information by touching certain parts of the prototype, without the need for an interlocutor. And their construction is becoming increasingly technological with the inclusion of 3D printers in model makers’ workshops.

Moreover, it is not only the physical mockup that helps to obtain a larger number of buyers; virtual mockups have also emerged as a key tool. Traditional models are perfect as a representation of something tangible, the user can touch them with his own hands. But virtual tours based on renderings are the perfect complement to show all the details of the properties, especially the interior.

With all these advances, the architectural model, both physical and virtual, has become an essential element for the sale of new homes.

The power of models in the real estate sector

Innovation is a very useful way for a real estate agency to attract clients. This is the case of models made by means of virtual reality. Their characteristics are so attractive that they allow consumers to be able to imagine the final result of a project without it being executed.

For this reason, models are very powerful for the developer for several reasons:

1. They save costs:

Both physical and digital models save money, as the execution of the architectural plan can be visualised with enough time to correct errors if there are any. Saving time is synonymous with reducing the investment needed to carry out a project.

2. Added value:

Being able to present clients with the idea of what their home will be or is going to be like makes consumers perceive the product with an added value that can differentiate the chosen real estate agency or developer from its competition.

3. Greater trust or engagement:

When a company in the housing sector is up-to-date in terms of innovation and new technologies, the perception of its customers is much more positive. If a developer bothers to have the latest in technology, this means to consumers that it is much more worthy of their trust than others that have remained stagnant in the past. This is because the customer profile has changed a lot in recent years and has become much more technological.

In short, models have always been necessary as part of the design of a real estate project, both as communication elements and as advertising media. Nowadays, there are numerous types of specific software for the creation and design of real estate projects. Advances that have marked a before and after in the housing sector.

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