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We have an urgent service for the production of architectural models, so if you need a model in less than a month, please send us a detailed explanation of your project.

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    What information is necessary to quote a model?

    To establish the price of a scale model we need the following information:


    1. – Architectural plans and images of the project. If you do not have plans because the model is conceptual or does not represent a real building, send us a sketch or a description of your idea and we will give it shape.
    2. – Desired size or scale for the model. If you are not sure about the scale, tell us how much space you have available to exhibit the model and we will advise you on its size.
    3. – Delivery address. In case you want us to install the model in the office or place of exhibition, we need to know the exact location to calculate the price of transport.
    How long does it take to produce a model?

    The production time of a model varies depending on the complexity of the model, but on average, it takes about 8 weeks to produce models for real estate. For conceptual or smaller scale models, the time is reduced to about 4 weeks..

    This production time also varies if we have a greater or lesser volume of work in the workshop, so we recommend that you order your model at least 8 weeks in advance. 

    What is the manufacturing process like?

    The manufacturing process of the model starts when we already have all the technical information (plans, renderings, specifications, landscaping, interior design…).

    The first step is to prepare the cutting plans to cut each piece of the model with the CNC or laser cutter.

    When the pieces are cut, we assemble them like a puzzle to obtain the skeleton of the model.

    Afterwards, we paint and add finishing details to the building and the environment represented by adding decoration, characters, vegetation, lighting…

    Finally we validate that everything is correct before delivery to the exhibition point.

    Can I see the manufacturing process?

    Of course you can. We are always open to receive visits in the workshop to validate each phase of the production. But if you are far away or cannot come to the workshop, we will send you pictures and videos of the whole process.

    How is the model sent?

    The delivery of the model is done by the team. We always recommend that you hire our installation service to be able to fix at the moment any damage that the model may suffer during transport (this rarely happens). However, we do not mind if you pick up the model yourself or hire an external parcel service. In this case, we recommend that you order a custom-made box with your model so that the model is not damaged during transport.

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