Models are not used exclusively in the real estate sector, they are also very present in other fields such as engineering, museums or any type of event where you want to represent a system or object to scale.

Models are used to represent anything you can imagine: from buildings to cities, manufacturing processes, engineering prototypes, as parts of a video game or an interactive tour, they could even be part of a gymkhana.

Models for events

In many occasions we are contacted by event organization companies to order models or dioramas to represent processes or some complex idea. In these cases, a model is worth a thousand words.

Models for events have two very clear objectives: to attract attention and to be a didactic tool. Models arouse the curiosity of any type of person as they are miniature representations of objects that we can usually recognize. Therefore, building a model for an exhibition is one of the best ideas to ensure the success of the presentation of the project to which it is dedicated. But the best use that can be given to a model in events is didactic: with a good design and construction it is possible to explain very complex processes or ideas that are very difficult to express on paper or with a spoken explanation.

Models are used to represent anything you can imagine

In the case of the manufacture of models to explain processes, in our workshop we have designers capable of creating a sketch with several loose ideas. We listen to the client, define the objectives to be achieved and create a design that represents everything that is in the client’s head. We give real form to the thoughts of our clients.

Models for museums

Another place where the use of models is very common is in museums and buildings of historical value such as castles or palaces. Models help to understand the symbolism of great monuments, a scale reproduction offers an overview of the ideas of the architect who designed a great work or the ruler who inspired it. The architectural model provides a better understanding of the building and its historical context.

The contemplation of a well-executed and sufficiently scaled model is a comforting experience, because it helps to understand the place and its journey over centuries. This is applicable to any museum piece, because it is in them we can find not only buildings, but also a great number of reliable representations of great events: for example, the representations of battles occupy a preferential place in the use of models to describe historical events.

For the same reason, models are also an excellent complement to a visit to any great historical building. It helps to understand its immensity, the characteristics that make it unrepeatable and worthy of care, its belonging to a historical and artistic era. The previous vision of the whole makes the subsequent tour at real scale more valuable, because from the understanding of the whole it is better to enjoy the details of any great monument.

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