Interactive Models

Interactive models, the latest innovation for Real Estate.

Offer your clients a unique way to discover and understand your new real estate project thanks to interactive mock-ups.

We seamlessly integrate different marketing tools, such as 3D images, floor plans and data collection, into a single tool to help you convert more and sell faster.

Interactive mockups offer:

  • Multimedia content playback

  • Lead capture and connection to CRM

  • Multi-project support

  • Home availability information

Backlit models

Volumetric model made of translucent methacrylate on a high luminosity industrial monitor. Through a second smaller touch screen monitor, the projection is controlled on the big screen, so the small one works as a “control knob” to see all the graphic information of the real estate project:

  • Images, video, virtual tour.

  • Plans of the houses.

  • Common areas/services.

Each interaction is reflected on the volumetric model illuminating the part that corresponds to the content that is projected on the free part of the large monitor.

It is a model designed for masterplan projects or for real estate developments of single-family houses.

Smart Model

A “traditional” physical model whose lighting is connected to a marketing software. So whatever is selected in the app is illuminated on the model. For example: the availability of homes and the selection of one or more homes to view the floor plans.

In the app, the sales pitch of the project is represented, serving as a script for the salesperson during a customer’s visit to the sales office.

The main advantage is that the end customer can perfectly understand the location of each house and expand the information through digital support (see plans, virtual tour, images, video, qualities…).

Being a more complex development (and therefore more expensive) this type of models is recommended for developments with a high volume of housing or luxury residential.

More functionalities and features

  • Sending personalized information to the customer

  • Interactive 360º tours

  • Remote control by tablet

  • 360º configuration of materials and interior finishes

  • Manual selection of available/reserved/blocked properties

  • Housing typology selector

  • Location plan of the development with connections and services

  • 360º Drone images with real views of each home

  • Reproduction of videos and renderings of the entire project

  • Tactile location plan

  • Personalized promotion/promoter table

Immediate attraction

The best tool to attract the homebuyer’s attention


When a promotion ends, the same model can be used for a new one.


As it is reusable, there is no need to spend a large amount of money on each new project.

Frequently asked questions about interactive models

What are interactive mock-ups?

Interactive models are the main driver for the presentation of a new project. One of the current trends in architectural model making is to look for interactivity with the user. There are many ways to add interactivity, but at we like to surprise our clients with spectacular solutions that go far beyond basic movements. We are committed to the development of designs with touch panels and the use of LCD screens in projects focused on offering experiences in addition to architectural information.

When we talk about interactivity, we usually think of buttons that, when pressed, activate a light or a sound. It is true that there are models of this type, models whose roof is lifted to show the interior or circuits where the characters move; but this has become somewhat obsolete. In our workshop we like to go hand in hand with the latest technology, so we are in a continuous process of renewal. Thus, the interactive models we manufacture are the most innovative in this field. Using an interactive model is very interesting for large-scale projects, such as shopping centers, housing developments or urban plans that dictate the remodeling or construction in an area of a city.

What are the characteristics of interactive models?

Lights are a fundamental part of these prototypes. But in this case we are talking about a projection, not a simple light bulb or LED. Leaving aside the traditional wooden models, here we find a monotorized base. An LCD screen thanks to which the presentation of the model will be the center of attention. A competitive model that brings with it many advantages:

The screen allows any type of image to be projected. From detailed project information to a virtual tour of each part of the model. Infinite possibilities of presentation unfold where the limitations are given only by the lack of imagination.

The model speaks for itself. The relief pieces that represent the different buildings and parts of the construction are made of semitransparent plastic printed in three dimensions. Light is reflected on them, creating truly impressive special effects. With good image production, the model does not require an interpreter to explain the work; it is also possible to add information in several languages, a key point at international trade fairs and congresses. Each area is illuminated and a hyper-realistic image of its interior or any other image representing that part of the project appears directly on the monitor.

Infographics are not an add-on. Offering a 3D infographic that complements the exhibition of a work is fine, and it is what is usually done when presenting the model of a new construction. But if the infographic is perfectly integrated with the relief model, it is much better. A virtual tour that allows to observe simultaneously the interior and the exterior of the building is synonymous of a team whose values are based on professionalism and innovation.

What are the advantages of interactive models?

Interactive models can stand on their own, giving the user the information they need without an interlocutor. However, machines do not always behave the way we want them to, so there is room for some doubt. To resolve any confusion, the presence of the project creators is essential. However, the interaction here is not defined by the relationship between people and other people, but between technology and the user.

The interactive model responds to the indications received through an application, which functions as a command and control panel. The user can access the information he/she wants without the need for an expert to provide an explanation. Those interested in the project can navigate freely through each area of the model, discovering all the nooks and crannies and taking the necessary time in each of them. It is almost a real-time game that can be adapted to any language.

The model becomes a spectacle that attracts the attention of the public and potential customers, being a sign of innovation and professionalism. A presentation so innovative and eye-catching that it attracts the attention of newcomers to any real estate event.

Showing confidence in the work and generating results as impressive as the most modern models of the current scene, makes confidence in the brand grow. Getting new clients is the main objective, which is accomplished when all the above qualities are achieved.

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