Park Hyatt

Time and cost savings

We produce the physical model, project masterplan and 3D architectural video.

    The synergies that are produced when facing a project from 2 angles that converge in a product.
    Physical model and 3D architectural video

    Estrenos de maqueta para Park Hyatt en París

    We produced three models that open up to show the interior of the villas in full.

    It generates the desired Wow effect!

    Our craftsmen work on every detail of the model, from the exterior (vegetation, common areas or swimming pool) to the interior, with finishes made with the latest technologies in modelling and laser cutting.

    We design 3D models of villas with movable floors to visualise the interior design of the entire house, we also add a mechanism that allows it to be opened manually, this ensures its good condition and optimum functioning at its destination and we reproduce the complete interior design to measure.


    Maqueta Park Hyatt para CBRE, presentación Paris
    Funcionamiento del mecanismo de la maqueta modular
    Plano detalle de la maqueta modular accionada por mecanismo seguro
    Maqueta modular accionada por mecanísmo manual, posibilidad de ver 3 plantas de la maqueta en simultaneo
    Maqueta cerrada, plano posterior
    Urna de metacrilato para proteger la maqueta
    Our proposal is to free marketing managers from the routine management and control of a project. We generate high impact physical and audiovisual content.



    We support the artisan work with the production of a promotional video with 3D animation (the video you’ve seen above, what? You haven’t seen it? Well, press play) produced by our computer graphics studio Jet Communication.

    Video is the best tool to boost sales in any channel. It’s been 10 years since this project started but it still has disruptive camera movements.

    Plano cenital del masterplan para Park Hyatt - Presentación París
    Trabajo de la vegetación uno a uno por expertos artesanos
    Masterplan proyecto Hyatt Marraketch
    Plano detalle de las villas de lujo reproducidas a escala con materiales exclusivos
    Plano detalle artesanía y acabados
    Plano detalle de villa entre vegetación, máximo cuidado en la representación fiel de los renders entregados al cliente

    We work with plans provided by the architectural studio.

    We recreate the ideal scenarios with which to promote the sales of luxury villas.

    Trasladamos la visión del interior desing con renders 3D
    Anochecer en Hyatt Park - Render 3D
    Exteriores de la promoción
    Reflejo en piscina de vista lateral de Hyatt Park en Render
    Iluminación en exteriores, vista frontalñ dela villa de lujo
    Vegetación y piscina reproducido en renders
    Logo CBRE
    We have been very satisfied with the model, great detail and magnificent finishes.
    The delivery was on time and the customer service was excellent.

    Gérard Aubert
    Former President CBRE

    We are the only partner able to provide all the material to promote your project.

    · Physical model

    · MasterPlan

    · Video 3D

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