When people talk about interactivity, they are normally thinking about buttons that activate a light or sound when you press them. It is true that models of this type exist, models where the roof lifts off so that you can see inside or tracks on which the figures move. But that is a little outdated. At maquetas.tech we like to work with the latest technology, so we are continuously updating our processes.

Leaving aside traditional wooden models, here we have a motorised base. An LCD screen that will make our presentation the centre of attention. The screen allows us to project any type of image. From detailed information about the project to a virtual tour of every part of the model. With good image production, the model does not need an interpreter to explain the work. Each area is lit and a hyper-realistic image of its interior appears directly on the screen.

The model responds to the instructions it receives from a tablet, which simultaneously acts as a console and a control panel. The model becomes a show that attracts the audience’s attention. It goes from being a boring representation of a building to a demonstration of the professionalism of the team behind it. Such a striking presentation could not be the work of industry novices.