In May, we were at the Madrid International Real Estate Exhibition (SIMA). The French real estate developer Emerige was there to officially launch its project: a development with 105 homes and a commercial unit on Calle del General Yagüe 37 (Madrid). was the company responsible for representing that development with a hyper-realistic model, down to the smallest details. Proel Consultoría will also be responsible for selling the homes, which are yet to be built.
Models are highly useful in the real estate sector, especially when promoting a new housing project. We had the chance to talk with the Managing Partner of Proel Consultoría, Jesús Sáenz de Tejada, who confirmed that this is true. According to him, a model is “a highly useful tool for the end consumer”, especially now, with the upturn being enjoyed in the Spanish real estate sector. Models are also extremely useful for explaining the details of urban development projects.