Richard Tenguerian was born in Aleppo, Syria, in 1955, although he is of Armenian descent. The son of a sculptor and a fashion designer, he soon became interested in the world of art. At 14, during the summers, he was already working for one of Lebanon’s leading architectural firms. After getting his degree, he decided to open his own company, Tenguerian Models, and soon became the most famous architectural model maker in New York City.

Tenguerian has made countless models of skyscrapers for various architectural firms in New York and from other parts of the United States. His services have been requested in countries like Russia, Israel, Dubai, England, Singapore, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and the Bahamas. His most notable models include:

– The Tappan Zee Bridge that crosses the Hudson River in New York.

– His model for the New York City Police Academy.

– The model design for the Yankee Stadium.

– The Comcast Center, a skyscraper that is almost 300 metres high, built in Philadelphia.