Moving models



Models that open to show their interior

Moving models

One of the best ways to present the construction of houses, premises or buildings in detail is to use a model with moving sections. Models are often left incomplete due to a lack of access to their interior. However, with models that open, you can see inside, which allows our customers to choose the level of detail they require in terms of furniture and interior design. These moving architectural models allow all aspects of a property to be displayed: from the materials used in its construction, to décor options and possible furniture arrangements.

Models that open are therefore one of the best options when wanting to comprehensively present the project at events, exhibitions and trade fairs. They are also the perfect solution when it comes to convincing the end customer interested in purchasing a property. Models with moving sections create a general overview of the proportions and distribution of the different rooms in the property. This means that there is no need to be an expert in architecture in order to easily understand all aspects of the project.

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