Interactive models for Real Estate

One of the current trends in model production is to enable user interactivity, but there are many ways of doing this. At we like to surprise potential customers with spectacular solutions capable of much more than basic movement. We choose to develop touch panels and use LCDs in some of the products that we develop, designed to create experiences.

Prototypes with special mechanisms are not common in architectural trade fairs or events in Spain. However, in other parts of the world, interactive models provide a vital element when presenting a new project.

Interactive models are really useful for real estate events

When people talk about interactivity, they are normally thinking about buttons that activate a light or sound when you press them. It is true that models of this type exist, models where the roof lifts off so that you can see inside or tracks on which the figures move. But that is a little outdated. At we like to work with the latest technology, so we are continuously updating our processes. So, since we are talking about interactive models, we would like to show you the latest innovations in this field.

As you can see in the video, light plays an essential role in these prototypes. However, this is a projection, not a simple bulb or LED light. Leaving aside traditional wooden models, here we have a motorised base. An LCD screen that will make our presentation the centre of attention. A competitive model that has a lot of advantages:


  • The screen allows us to project any type of image. From detailed information about the projects to a virtual tour of every part of the model. This provides endless presentation possibilities, where the only limit is your imagination.
  • Computer graphic images are more than an accessory. Offering 3D computer graphic images to complement the exhibition of a work is good. But when the computer graphic images are properly integrated with the relief model, it is far better. A virtual tour that allows you to simultaneously view the inside and outside of the property is the sign of a team whose values are underpinned by professionalism and innovation.
  • The model speaks for itself. The relief pieces that form the exterior finish of the building are made from semi-transparent plastic. The light reflects off them, creating truly amazing special effects. With good image production, the model does not need an interpreter to explain the work. Each area is lit and a hyper-realistic image of its interior appears directly on the screen.

Adaptable to any audience

We have already said that interactive models can speak for themselves, but there is always room for some doubt. To avoid any confusion, it is essential for the creators of the project to be present. However, here interaction is not defined by people interacting with each other, but by how technology interacts with the user.

The model responds to the instructions it receives from a tablet, which simultaneously acts as a console and a control panel. The user can access the information that they want without needing anybody there to explain it. They can freely browse each area of the model, discovering all of the nooks and crannies and taking the necessary time in each of them. It is almost like a real-time game, which can also be adapted to any language.


A show that generates customers

The model becomes a show that attracts the audience’s attention. It goes from being a boring representation of a building to a demonstration of the professionalism of the team behind it. Such a striking presentation could not be the work of industry novices.

Showing conviction in the work and creating results as impressive as the most modern models available today increases confidence in the brand. Getting new customers is the main objective and this is achieved by having all of the above qualities. We know all about this at and our experience makes us a global leader, one of the most innovative companies in Spain.

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